October 15 – Demons Among Us

Matthew 8:14-34; Mark 4&5

Whenever I read the account of the demoniac in Gerasene I wonder what it had been like for that poor man. I wonder how long he had suffered from that mental illness that made him act like an animal, how long had he lived trying to hurt himself? I wonder about his mom. Did he have a wife who loved him, children who needed him? Were there lucid moments when he despaired of his situation?

How alone he must have felt in his demon possession.

I know people who are diagnosed with mental illnesses, and I am thankful for Christian counselors and medication that help them navigate through life. But I wonder if we don’t do them an injustice if we don’t recognize the spiritual component as well.

Is there a demon named Depression, one called Schizophrenia, another Anorexic or Bi-polar?

Hear me when I say I am NOT advocating exorcisms by priests or pastors. In fact, I don’t see anywhere in the Bible where that is called for.

And I am not advocating anyone go off their medication or quit seeing their Christian counselor.

What I am advocating is prayer for those in our lives who are battling mental issues. And perhaps identifying the enemy in their lives is an important part of that prayer.

Jesus heals. Jesus has power over any demon that is afflicting us. Do you believe it? Then pray believing.

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