October 13 – A House Divided

Matthew 12:22-50; Luke 11

When I was in college in the early 70’s, a girl in one of my classes sneered at something I said. “You’re one of those people who thinks America is still a melting-pot. That’s an outdated way of thinking that strips people of their identity. I’m glad things are progressing,” she told me in no uncertain terms.

I don’t know about progressing, but things have changed since then. We are no longer Americans. We are African-Americans, Native-Americans, Italian-Americans, Mexican-Americans… And our country is divided to the point we don’t know or like each other. Politicians are using this division to further separate us and perpetuate the hate.

Jesus said, “Any kingdom divided against itself is laid waste, and a house divided against itself falls.” (Luke 11:17)

Is it too late to make America great again? I guess that depends on Christians uniting across cultural and denominational divisions, praying, repenting, and begging God to heal our land. Because whether it’s the United States or the Church:

A house divided against itself will fall.


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