October 3 – A Four-Year-Old Son of God

Matthew 2; Luke 2:39-52

God did not inspire the Gospel writers to include much about Jesus’ life as a child. We get glimpses, and we can guess, but we don’t know details about His growing up years. We know he had siblings. We know His dad was a carpenter and many have imagined Joseph teaching Jesus that trade.

The ladies of my church are in the middle of a Beth Moore Bible Study entitled: Jesus, The One And Only, and yesterday my pastor spoke on the importance of family and parenting. So after reading these chapters in Matthew and Luke today, it’s no wonder I’m sitting here trying to picture Jesus’ earthly family, and wondering about the dynamics of living with a four-year-old Son of God, or a fourteen-year-old King of the Jews.

When did the Boy realize His power? Were his sibling jealous? Did He laugh and tease, fall down and scrape His knees, have a favorite food, or best friend? Thinking about these things has me loving the Boy.

Jesus was a real person. He lived those years one day, one moment at a time until the day He met John there at the Jordan River and began His ministry. Jesus wants me to know that He gets me, because He lived life right here on the same planet I’m living on.

We had the privilege of sharing Communion yesterday, a time of remembering what Jesus did on the cross. That little Boy whose early life is a mystery, lived a very public life as an adult. He died on the cross because I am a sinner. He rose from the dead so that I can live, too.

Yes, Jesus is real. From the baby in the manger, to the four-year-old big brother, to the twelve year old in the temple, to the young man baptized in the river, to the Savior on the cross, and the risen Lord ascending into heaven. I remember, Lord. And I love You.

2 thoughts on “October 3 – A Four-Year-Old Son of God

    1. cazehner Post author

      How could he not? 🙂 But I’d like to believe God chose two parents with the capacity for great love and patience for all their kids. Jesus would certainly be a hard act to follow!


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