October 1 – Here He Is!

Luke 1, John 1:1-4

John the Baptist began his ministry before he was even born. When his cousin Mary came to visit his pregnant mom, Elizabeth, shortly after Mary had had a conversation with the angel Gabriel and agreed to give birth to the Son of God, the baby John leaped for joy right there in his mother’s womb. Mary might not have even realized she was pregnant yet. But the unborn John recognized the Messiah growing inside her as soon as Mary entered the room.

John’s calling was to point people to the Savior, and he must not have thought it was necessary to wait to begin. Elizabeth felt her baby leap inside her. Then she recognized the Messiah, too. John’s first convert. And he still hadn’t been born.

We are also called to point people to the Savior. But it seems sometimes we think we need to take a soul-winning class first, or go to seminary, or rehearse a speech before God can use us. John demonstrates something different.

And it has me feeling guilty this morning. What am I waiting for? I know Jesus. Jesus is living inside my heart. I’ve confessed my sin and I am forgiven! God is my Father.

I want the world to know.

“HEY, Y’ALL… HERE HE IS!!! Let me introduce you!”

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