Will You Pray With Me?

I know most, if not all of you, have burdens on your hearts too heavy to carry on your own. Whenever I see a request for prayer from a fellow blogger, I almost always take a minute to bow my head and talk to my Father about whatever is going on. But most of the time, I forget that prayer request as soon as I get up from my computer. I’m too often one and done.

I’m going to ask you to pray with me today for a request that has my heart breaking. And I will praise God if you go to Him just once, right this minute.

Please pray for Landon, a four year old boy who is fighting for his life. They have diagnosed him with HUS, a serious complication from ecoli. They gave him a blood transfusion last night and his blood count seems to be improving. They are not sure the damage to his kidneys, or if dialysis is in his future at this point.  There is danger that this disease could effect other organs of his tiny body, including his brain. And the danger is not just immediate. The effects of this might not show up for years.

Landon’s parents, Kelly and Zach, are a young couple who love the Lord. Would you pray with me for them, that God will be their strength in a visible way to those around them? Would you pray that God would wrap His arms around these dear parents, that they would know the comfort that only He can give? Would you pray that London’s body will be able to fight off this disease, that doctors will have wisdom and make decisions that will benefit this little guy? I am praying for complete healing.

And I am praying for those who are close to Kelly and Zach, their extended family, their church family, my own nephew and and his dear wife, Sara. Sara (niece of my heart) has been Landon’s babysitter for years, and the two couples enjoy a deep friendship.

Would you pray that Landon will be healed, and that Jesus will be glorified in this situation? May God bless you as you join us in our petition on behalf of Landon, Kelly, and Zach.

Thank you!

10 thoughts on “Will You Pray With Me?

  1. Joe Butler

    Will do. And thank you for being so willing and ready to pray for others including myself at times. We sometimes downplay the power of prayer but God can do anything and we need to believe in that more.

    1. cazehner Post author

      I think you are right. We do not have because we do not ask. I am learning that it’s ok to ask for prayer. I’ve been pretty good about praying for people, but for some reason hesitate to ask for prayer for myself or the things on my own heart. It’s such a privilege to pray for others, including you. Don’t know why I don’t allow others the privilege of praying for me. So thank you for praying for Landon. God bless you, my friend.

  2. Looking Up!

    Done! I also pray that besides their own extended family that Doctors and nurses and all hospital staff might see the testimony. That all will see the glory of the Lord and they will see faith in action! Thank you for the opportunity to share in this prayer.

      1. Kris

        Thanks! think her hubby filed for divorce.. His folks want to sell the house.. Celia’s daughter is in the same boat.. (bethany)

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