September 15 – Tell It Like It Is

Daniel 4-6

Every so often you hear about people who honor God in a very public way. A high school athlete who bends a knee after scoring a touchdown, a MLB player who crosses himself before his at-bat, a singer who thanks God after receiving an award, a politician who stands for the Truth of Scripture, or Christians beheaded because they will not denounce Jesus.

Daniel has me asking myself the lengths I’d go to proclaim the God of the Bible. He stood before kings and boldly told them the truth:

“Nebuchadnezzar, you are going to lose your mind.”

“Belshazzar, God is going to rip your kingdom from you.”

“Darius, I will never worship you.”

So how serious am I about taking a stand when someone offers an opinion that is different than what I know to be true according to God’s Word? Do I say something or let it ride? When I have an opportunity to share the Gospel, do I wimp out? Am I tolerant of false doctrine, of anti-Christ policies, of sin? Or can I find the strength to tell it like it is, no matter what others might think of me, or do to me?

God, I want Daniel’s unwavering faith, his boldness to tell the Truth regardless of what it might cost him. Give me a chance to share You with someone today. And may You find me willing to take Your lead, to be Your voice, and to take a stand for the blessing of knowing You.

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