September 9 – A Sturdy Wall

Ezekiel 40-41

The wall around the temple in Ezekiel’s vision was as thick as it was tall: one rod deep, one rod high (40:5). If my calculations are right, it was about 10 1/2 feet tall and 10 1/2 feet thick. Sounds pretty sturdy to me.

I found a couple of interesting videos on that show 3D versions of what the temple in Ezekiel looked like. The videos go verse by verse and it blew me away. That temple looks so amazingly beautiful.

And it humbled me to think that today I am that temple of God. Do I protect the Presence with a sturdy wall around me? Am I as intentional about creating a dwelling place for my Lord that is as lovely as Ezekiel’s temple seems to have been? Can God feel at home in my heart?

Every inch of the temple I read about today was accounted for. Would this temple called Connie hold up to the same scrutiny?

I pray that is so.

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