July 10 – Pride Isn’t Just About Feeling Proud

2 Kings 15, 2 Chronicles 26

Uzziah was feeling pretty good about himself. As king of Judah, he did a lot of good. He won wars, built towers, and dug wells. He became famous and strong. He did right in the sight of the Lord and God blessed him, and the nation of Judah.

Then, just when things were going well, Uzziah let pride get the best of him. He marched right into the temple and began to do the work of a priest. Scripture says he acted corruptibly and was unfaithful to God. When the priests called him on his sin, he was furious with the priests. How dare they tell him what he can and cannot do. He’s the great King Uzziah after all.

During his fit of anger, Uzziah broke out with leprosy. He lived the rest of his life shut up in a room by himself while his son ruled Judah in his place.

Pride. That weapon of Satan’s that’s pretty hard to fight against. And I don’t mean just the boastful, attention seeking attitude of some. Uzziah’s pride led him to believe he could re-write God’s law. It made him believe he could go to God on his own terms and not face consequences.

Pride can tell us our sin is too unique, too big for God to forgive. Pride can make us believe God sent Jesus to die for everyone but me (aren’t I special?) Pride can tell us we can face God on our own, or can handle hell, or because we choose to believe there is no God, that it’s true.

Pride can make us believe we are God’s equals. Pride says, “God and I have an agreement,” like you are telling God what is acceptable.

King Uzziah’s story reminds me that God hates pride. God prunes pride out of His children. And pride, left unchecked, has devastating consequences.

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