May 31 – Seeking Wisdom

I Kings 3&4, 2 Chronicles 1, Psalm 72

Have you ever been duped? Someone shares a heart breaking story and you give generously to the cause only to find out later it was all a lie? Someone calls you claiming to be from Microsoft, and tells you they have detected an awful virus in your computer that needs to be addressed right this minute. So you give them your password. Then they put a virus into your computer and hold it captive until you pay the ransom.

If you are on Facebook you see causes and posts meant to get reactions, all the time. How do you know if it’s true before you jump on a bandwagon going nowhere?

Is wisdom something you are either born with or without? Or is it something you can acquire? I’m sure you’ve heard of the school of hard knocks. I’ve been a student there. God can be a pretty tough teacher.

Solomon prayed for wisdom – and God gave it to him in abundance.

Scripture tells us the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. Sounds like wisdom is something we can get better at. As a woman who represents Jesus, I certainly don’t want to say and do foolish things. I want to demonstrate what being led by the Spirit looks like. And I don’t think jumping off a cliff because my neighbor did is an example of the Spirit’s leadership.

Solomon prayed for and received wisdom. That’s the example I want to follow.

Lord, make me wise. Give me the wisdom to recognize the lies, Satan’s attempts at twisting the Truth You have blessed us with in Your Word. Direct my path as I place my trust in You. May I be obedient, may I follow where You lead, may I learn from my mistakes, and may my life be an example of wisdom that comes from walking with the Savior.

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