May 6 – My Psalm

Psalms 89, 96, 100-101, 105, 132

The psalms, which are written praises to God, often reflect on Israel’s past; how God blessed them because of His promise, and how the people often sinned in spite of God’s goodness toward them. As I read this morning, I had glimpses of events in my own past. I remembered times of blessing. And tears fell as I remembered my many sins.

I’m not a poet, and I certainly don’t consider myself a psalmist. But I want to take a moment to observe God’s hand in my own life. Here is my psalm:

O Lord, You have blessed me beyond what I deserve, beyond what I could ever imagine. You are good. You are kind, and loving, and patient, and precious. I adore You.

You blessed me from the beginning with parents who loved me, who made sacrifices so that I and my sisters could have everything we needed and more. They taught me about considering others before myself by the way they put us first. You heard my mother’s prayers and provided when it seemed hopeless. You honored her commitment to You, and lifted her up.

You never gave up on my dad, although he was quite the fighter. I praise the Hound of Heaven for continually nipping at his heels until he humbled himself and accepted Your saving grace.

How I remember the times I disappointed them, disrespected them, hurt them. Forgive me. I pray they knew how much I loved them. Thank You for the assurance that they are living with You now, and forever. I will see them both again. Hallelujah!

You blessed me with four amazing sisters. There was a lot of laughter in our home. Barbies. Freeze tag. “Hankie Down”, our pool in the backyard, swinging so high on swingsets the legs came off the ground, jumping on the trampoline, singing while we did the dishes, Sunday drives, skipping stones, riding in the bucket of Dad’s bulldozer, dancing on his flatbed. You kept us safe, O Lord, and surrounded us with love.

You blessed me in my youth with a church family who helped me grow, who challenged and encouraged me, who welcomed me, and made me laugh. Youth group, quiz team, choir. Blessings every one.

My entire family sacrificed so that I could go to college. O how I wish I could do it over. I’d be more appreciative, instead of thinking I was entitled. I’d study harder, practice more. I’d make every dollar it cost my family mean something. Forgive me, Father, for taking them for granted.

O God, I remember the idols I worshiped, the sins I committed, the times I grieved and angered You. I deserve Your wrath. I remember missed opportunities to share You with people, times I misrepresented You, times I flat out ignored You.

But You have never given up on me. The precious blood of Your Son, Jesus Christ, has covered me, cleansed me, made me pure. I see, in part, how Your hand has been evident in the events of my life, how You guided, and nudged, and closed doors while opening others. You’ve kept Your promise to never leave me nor forsake me. I am Your child, loved, and forgiven.

I praise You. I worship You. I love and honor You.

May my life be a vessel through which You are seen and glorified. You alone are worthy.

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