Feb 4 – That’s What Friends Are For

Exodus 16-18

Today is “Friends’ Day.” At least that’s what Facebook told me this morning.

I am blessed with many friends. Mom and Dad gave me my four best friends in my sisters. This past summer, we got together with two girls from our old neighborhood. I’ve called these dear women my friends for sixty years! I have friends I went to high school with, friends from college, friends I made at work, at church, on the island where I live, friends of friends.

Thinking about these people this morning makes me thankful. I am truly blessed.

Moses had some good friends, too. You know the story. When Moses raised his hands toward heaven, the Israelite army was successful. When he dropped his arms, the enemy was successful.

Have you ever tried to raise your hands for any length of time without putting them down? It hurts!!!

So Moses’ friends, Aaron and Hur, helped him out. They got under Moses and supported his hands. Lots of imagery here.

Why did God include this account in Scripture? Here’s what I think. God created us to be relational. First, to enjoy a relationship with Him. But also to develop relationships here in this life with the goal of sharing the Gospel.

That’s why it’s important to pick your friends wisely. (You are who your friends are is kinda true) Do you have friends who support you? You need that.

But Moses also had a friend in his father-in-law. Jethro wasn’t afraid to tell Moses when he was wrong. “You’ve taken on too much,” he told Moses. “You are going to burn out. Then what good will you be?”

Reading these verses today in Exodus reminds me that friends are important. We need friends who will support us, to cheer us on, to encourage us. But we also need those friends who will hold us accountable, who aren’t afraid to ask the tough questions, who don’t sit back and watch us crash and burn. We need friends who will pray for and with us.

Because we all have a job to do. We are to be about reaching people in the name of the Lord. May our friends enrich our lives, and give us the push we need to get the job done.

And may we do the same for them.


3 thoughts on “Feb 4 – That’s What Friends Are For

  1. The True Light!

    This is another reason God set up fellowship with like-minded Christians for His children to associate with. Not only do we worship Him in numbers, but we build ourselves and others also in the process. This is one reason why it is important to God that we attend church services with our friends in Christ.


      1. The True Light!

        That’s what we do for Christ Jesus…we are His voice on earth. And yes, it’s nice to find a church family who is all about Godly works!

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