Jan 31 – Oh, Moses

Exodus 4-6

Moses. Moses. Moses. (I am shaking my head) You really didn’t want to be Israel’s leader, did you?

Six times in the chapters we read today, Moses tried to talk God out of sending him. He said things like, ‘They won’t believe me.’ ‘I am slow of speech.’ ‘Please send someone else.’ ‘Why did you ever send me?’ ‘If the Jews won’t listen to me, what makes You think Pharaoh will?’ ‘Pharaoh won’t pay attention to me because of the way I talk.’

Sometimes Moses protested right after God promised to do great things through him. And sometimes God was a little angry at this reluctant leader.

Moses seems to be inhibited by his speech. Did he stutter? Did he have a deformity? If it was holding Moses back, why didn’t God just heal him? God does all things well. And in this case, Moses didn’t need to be healed.

Reading about Moses reminds me God can use the least of us to accomplish great things. We don’t have to be the best looking, most talented, most charismatic people in the church. What we need is to trust God, to obey Him even if our knees are shaking.

The Charlton Heston version of Moses shows a strong, confident, fierce leader who led the Israelites out of Egypt. But I’m not so sure Moses was really that person. From what I read today, Moses might have been a bit more of a wimp than that.

God delights in revealing Himself through those of us who depend solely upon Him. Nobody was going to look at Moses and say, “He was born to be a great leader.” But they will look at Moses and say, “Wow. Moses has a great God.”

I want them to say that about me, too.

3 thoughts on “Jan 31 – Oh, Moses

  1. The True Light!

    This reminds me of the description of Jesus in Isaiah. God didn’t want Jesus to be a handsome man with a commanding voice. He wanted people to hear Him for the message He spoke not because he looked good.

    With the Lord God, the more important thing is the message of His word rather than the messenger who is delivering it.


    1. cazehner Post author

      True. I wonder how Jesus would be received today when our society gives such importance to the outward appearance. But God looks at the heart. May we be people whose hearts are willing to obey in spite of how we view ourselves. After all, like you said, the message of His word is much more important than the messenger! God bless you today, my friend, and continue to make you a blessing to others.

      1. The True Light!

        Thank you so much! We have always been a people who have looked at outward appearances. It’s no different today. That’s why the beauty and make-up business does so well!

        But God still considers the heart first. His message comes from the heart and is meant for the heart…that is also still true today. Thank you for the comment and God love and keep you this and every day!


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