Jan 24 – Favorite Child

Genesis 35-37

I’m very thankful our parents raised us girls without giving us reason for sibling rivalry. I think all five of us felt equally loved and special. And, even though our dad would joke that he had four “good” girls, neither parent treated us like they had a favorite.

Not so Jacob. He obviously favored Joseph, and his other eleven sons knew it. Jacob’s special treatment of Joseph stirred up jealously, then hatred toward their brother. And in the end, Jacob spent years mourning what he believed to be the death of his favorite son.

I pray for every parent reading these chapters today in Genesis. Often, because of personalities, a parent might find one child a little easier than another. But that child needs discipline as much, if not more so, than the child who is more of a challenge. And that difficult child needs affection and attention and affirmation much more than the easy child.

Do your kids know who your favorite is? Remember how that knowledge turned out for Jacob and his family.

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