Jan 22 – Because Of Who God Is

Genesis 30-31

I have to admit I don’t like Jacob very much. First he deceived Esau. He wasn’t very sensitive to his wives. He did the white-rod-thing so his animals would give birth to striped ones, had the strong ones mate with his and the weak with Laban’s animals.

Then he sneaked off at night like the coward he was. He was a liar and a cheat.

Yet God blessed him.

But this morning I am aware that God’s blessings weren’t given to Jacob as a reward for good behavior. God’s blessings were given because God is who He says He is!

And it’s no different today. I am glad God continues to bless His people even when we fail Him. I’m thankful He blesses me, as weak as I often am. I don’t deserve a portion of what He has given me.

Every good and perfect gift comes from our God who is good.

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