Jesus Only

As I read in Ezekiel this morning, I was impressed with this reality: God will judge each of us according to our own actions. We can’t blame parents, or a pastor, or hypocrites sitting in pews.

“I’m not a Christian because my parents never took us to church growing up.”

“I’m not interested in church because there are too many hypocrites who call themselves Christians.”

“I don’t want anything to do with God because there are people starving in Africa.”

When we stand before God, he is not going to ask us, “Why?” He is going to ask us, “What”.

In the Old Testament, people were judged by their day to day choices: How they followed God’s law, how they treated others, how they conducted themselves in business.

After the cross, there is a different plumb-line. When we stand before God, there is only one question he will ask: “What did you do with my Son’s gift of grace?”

That’s not to say that living out our faith by being good, honest, giving, compassionate people isn’t important. Jesus tells us the world will know us by our love, he challenges us to be salt and light to a sinful world. But heaven will not be gained because we went to church, or volunteered at the homeless shelter. Being a good person will never be good enough.

You can say that’s not fair, that God is wrong. But he will answer us like he answered Israel through Ezekiel’s vision.

“No! YOU are wrong.” (Ez 18:25-29)

Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life and no one will approach the Father without him. There are no loopholes.

Jesus. Only.

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