Manna from Heaven

The miraculous giving of manna by God to the Israelites in the desert is a beautiful picture of his provisions to us, his people. If we look closely we will see Jesus!

Manna came from heaven. The Jews didn’t plant or reap it, yet there it was every morning. They received exactly what they needed each day. It was sweet and satisfied their hunger.

Jesus told us he is the Bread of Life. Think about it. Everything that was true about manna in the Old Testament is true about our Lord. He came from heaven. We can’t do anything to earn his favor – we can only accept his grace. And he is all we need to face today.

Moses was instructed by God to take some of the manna and put it in a jar. He was to hide it away for safe keeping so that generations to come would have that tangible proof of God’s provisions. The jar eventually went into the Arc of the Covenant and went with the Jews wherever they traveled.

I was at a Bible study this week. They are studying the book of Revelation. In 2:17 God promises he will give the hidden manna to those who overcome, to the believers in Christ Jesus. Some of the women were adamant that that scripture referred to the jar of manna Moses had hidden away. We had quite a discussion as to where the jar is today. 

I think they were thinking way too small. I believe God revealed to John a most amazing and glorious truth. When we get to heaven we will have Jesus in the flesh. We will be in the presence of our Savior. I believe Moses’ manna will be forgotten when we see the Bread of Life standing there with his arms open, welcoming us home.

Dearest Lord, Thank you for Jesus, for grace, for the strength he so lovingly supplies for us to meet the challenges of every day. And, Father, thank you for your promise that one day we who know you as our Savior will actually be in your Presence. The Bread of Life will be ours for eternity. No longer hidden from our eyes. We will see you face to face. Oh glorious day!

2 thoughts on “Manna from Heaven

    1. cazehner Post author

      You are such an encourager! I have a strong conviction that we can see Jesus everywhere in the Old Testament. It’s all about him! Blessings to you as well, my friend.


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