I want it, I love it, I deserve it!

A lot of advertising these days is directed toward our lusts. Whether it’s a skinny girl in sexy underwear, a shirtless man wanting to unclog a drain, a shiny new car, a beer that guarantees a good time, or an investment that promises a secure future, the industry is masterful at finding out what turns us on and exploiting that.

Job said lust is a shameful sin that needs to be punished. In 31:12 he goes so far as to say: “It is a fire that burns all the way to hell.”

Lust isn’t only sexual, although that kind of lust is certainly a serious problem. Attraction is not lust. But if a person allows the attraction become a focus, if it becomes a daydream or a flirtation, it can turn into lust – which is a sin.

Lust is an intentional sin. Attraction doesn’t become lust unless it is fed.

Lust takes our focus away from God. When our thoughts could be directed toward the Savior, we allow them to be directed instead toward the person, the money, the lifestyle of that which has attracted us.

If you recognize that you may be lusting after something or someone, you need to stop feeding that lust. Turn your eyes, instead, on Jesus. Force yourself to change your thoughts. Pray. Get busy doing something for the kingdom.

Remember what Job said. Your lust is a fire that just might burn in you all the way to hell.

Father, I thank you that you created us with the ability to control our thoughts and our minds. You have told us to guard our hearts, to think about whatever is good and lovely and pure. So if you tell us to do those things, it must be possible. Forgive us when we allow our thoughts to wander, when our thoughts become sinful, when we allow our attraction toward something turn to lust. May your people turn our thought lives over to you and my you fill our minds with those things that are good for us and bring glory to you.

4 thoughts on “I want it, I love it, I deserve it!

    1. cazehner Post author

      Thanks, Julie. I had to go back and read the prayer again and found myself needing to direct it to the Lord for myself today. You’re right to imply we need to revisit our choices often. I choose to guard my heart today.


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