December 11

Acts 25:23-28:10

I’ve never been on a cruise. It’s something I’d like to do some day but right now the biggest boat I’ve been on is a show boat in Nashville.

Dad used to tell us that, as a Marine in WWII, they would be transported to and from the Pacific Islands onboard huge Navy ships. He said they were almost like little, dark cities on the water. But, he said, no matter how large and sturdy were those ships, out in the middle of the ocean you realized how small you were and how enormous is our world. To give us perspective, he’d point to a fly on the ceiling and tell us that huge ship with thousands of men on board was like that fly and the room we were in was like the ocean below. 

So when Paul told the sailors who were taking him to Rome that God told him the ship was going to be destroyed in the storm, I am pretty sure they felt not a little panic. They knew what was outside the battered sides of the ship. Paul warned them that if they jumped ship, if they tried to make it in life boats, they would die. Their only hope of salvation was right there inside the ship. And God promised everyone in the ship would be saved. 

Sound familiar? God has provided the ship in our stormy world. It’s Jesus. And our only hope of getting out of this life alive is in Him. If we try to make it on our own, if we think we can get to God by some other means, we will perish. Jesus is our Savior and there is just no other way.

Dear God, thank you for your perfect plan of salvation. May we stay in that ship, holding on to the truth of Scripture and Jesus as our Savior. May we not be tempted to jump ship in the middle of the storms of life. And may we reach out to others who are drowning. Father, I know that inside your ship of salvation, in Jesus,  is everything we need for life in this world and for eternity. Thank you. We praise you. We love you.

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