October 30

Matthew 23:37-39, 24:1-28; Mark 12:41-44, 13:1-23; Luke 21:1-24

When people talk like the “last days” are something in the future I wonder. As I read what Jesus said about the end of the age I recognize things that happened in the first century and in every day since then. Ask the Christians in Egypt today what they think about a Great Tribulation.

There have always been wars and rumors of wars, famines and earthquakes, and liars claiming to be God. The first century Christians were tortured for their faith. They fled for their lives. Christians founded the Untied States of America because of persecution.

Are things going to get worse than they’e been? It undoubtedly will for us who live in the US. But there are brothers and sisters in other parts of the world who fear for their lives today because they love the Lord.

Here’s what I get out of the passages we read here. Matthew 24:27 promises us Jesus is coming again! He didn’t abandon us when he went to the Father.  “As lightening that comes for the east is visible even in the west, so will be the coming of the Son of Man.”

He tells us life as a Christian on the earth won’t be easy. Bad things happen. But God wants to use even the bad to enable us to be witnesses of his great love and grace. He is all about winning the last willing soul.

But take heart. Jesus is going to come out of the heavens on that glorious day. We who know him will forever be with him. The cares and trials of this world will be behind us and we will experience God in his fullness for the very first time. Face to face. 

Now that’s a future to get excited about!

2 thoughts on “October 30

  1. H.

    God keeps his promises so I know he is coming soon! Did you know that 2,000 of the 2,500 prophesies in the Bible have already been fulfilled?! Just learned that 🙂


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