October 25

Mark 10:23-31; Luke 18:24-30; Matthew 20:1-16; John 10:22-11:16

“With God all things are possible.” Have you ever heard that before? It’s been used as a mantra for some health and wealth theologies and the power of positive thinking. Do these words suggest that God can give us what we want if we believe as some have claimed? Do these words pertain to winning football games, defeating cancer, getting a promotion at work, or getting that special person to fall in love with you?

In the context of Scripture, Jesus is talking about the salvation of souls. He just got done telling his disciples that it is really hard for rich people to go to heaven. Remember, the rich young ruler just walked away from him when Jesus told him he needed to give away his wealth. The disciples asked him, “Who then can be saved?” to which Jesus replied: “…all things are possible with God.”

What God wants us to know is that no one is too lost to find forgiveness. God is able to save the vilest offender who truly believes.

Maybe you are reading this today and you have not accepted God’s grace for yourself. Maybe you think you’ve gone too far, done too many bad things, hurt too many people to have God love you. Maybe you think you don’t deserve God’s forgiveness and, in that you are exactly right. But Jesus is saying to you today that he is able to save even you.

Has God laid on your heart the name of someone who seems so far from him it’s unlikely he or she will ever believe? Don’t give up. God hasn’t. Pray. Reach out to that person. WIth God, it is possible that that soul will come to him.

Dear God, I thank you that Jesus died for all of mankind. I thank you that there is no one living who can’t come to you in Jesus’ name and receive forgiveness for a multitude of sin. I pray that your children will be faithful to pray, that we will allow you to use us to draw all people to you. I pray that we won’t give up praying for that loved one who so openly is rejecting you right now. Thank you for reminding us that even that dear one isn’t too tough for you. With you it is possible that he or she will accept you as their Savior.

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