September 25

I Chronicles 9:1-34; Nehemiah 12:1-47

Jerusalem was rebuilt and the repair of the wall completed. The priests were ready to begin ministering and the gatekeepers were assigned their responsibilities. But first the people wanted to praise God.

I have a degree in music education. The beginning of my teaching career found me teaching children how to play musical instruments and later, how to use their voices to make music. I have such good memories of elementary bands and middle school choirs.

So when I read about the two choirs that had a part in the celebration recorded in Nehemiah, it got my attention. I certainly would have been a part of that had I been there! I find it a great joy to be a part of a group of people who work together to turn notes on a page into harmonies and beautiful music.

While practicing my clarinet or singing an alto part I hear only that particular progression of notes. Sometimes it’s boring and repetitive and I can’t make out the melody. Sometimes getting the rhythm correct or the fingerings running smoothly is tedious.

But when I sit among other individuals who have also spent time on their individual parts, together the result is beautiful. It all makes sense when everyone is playing or singing their part.

Another look at the Church? I think so. I am wondering how beautiful the music of your local fellowship sounds? Are you a group of people who individually spend time in God’s Word, who know and use their spiritual gifts in the fellowship and in the community? Are there those who prepare lessons from the Bible, who change diapers in the nursery, who sing in the choir and who plow snow in the winter? Are there prayer warriors and sacrificial financial supporters, encouragers and counselors? 

One person can’t do it all. But working together produces something beautiful, music to our Lord’s ears. What part do you play? Are you practicing to perfect that piece of music set before you? Your part might not seem all that important to you. A third clarinet player or a percussionist playing a triangle might not think they have an exciting or important position in the band. But take away that part and the whole piece is effected. Something is missing. The music just doesn’t sound like it should. If everyone only played the melody all the time the music would be hollow. It’s the harmonies that make the music work!

My prayer is that you will take hold of whatever part of your local church you are able. And that you will perfect that part of the ministry. Don’t make the mistake of thinking your part isn’t important or necessary. You are part of a great work. May the result produce music that pleases our Lord.

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