September 21

Psalm 119:73-176

I think it’s amazing that the psalmist could come up with 176 reasons he loves God’s Word. He uses words like “laws”, “statutes”, “precepts”, “promises”, “commands”, “decrees”, and in 119:105 he says:

Your word is a lamp to my feet and light for my path.

And yes, that’s where I got the name for this blog. Back in the day (late 50’s early 60’s) I was a Pioneer Girl. It was the church’s equivalent of Girl Scouts. Psalm 119:105 was our signature verse, and we recited it each week with some pretty nifty hand motions. It’s a verse that has stayed with me for somewhere around 50 years.

It has been my experience that this verse is true. I am thankful for learned scholars, pastors, ordinary men and women who have written commentaries, Bible studies, and insightful books. I have been encouraged by the writings of C S Lewis, Eugenia Price,  John MacArthur and others. But if I lost my library today I’d be ok. I would not, however, be ok if I lost my Bible.

Nothing gives me more insight into God’s heart and mind, a deeper understanding of his will for me. Nothing gives me more encouragement or conviction. And nothing gives me more joy than the precious Word of God.

Dear one, let’s continue to dig into these pages. Let’s commit to memory verses that are meaningful for us at this time of life. Let’s seek God’s face and his wisdom above all others. As you read Psalm 119 today make these words the desire of your own heart. 

Father, thank you for your Word, these precious pages that share your heart. Give us understanding as we read. Give us direction as we seek you. And use us as you will. May we cherish this Book as your intimate love letter to each of us.

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