August 30

Ezekiel 40:28-43:27

God inspired Ezekiel to record minute details about the temple he saw in his vision. Every brick was measured, every corner, every board and door are listed here. Why?

It may seem over-simplified but as I read today the thought occurred to me that in the New Testament we are called God’s temple. And God impressed on my heart that as careful as he was to show how invested he was in every detail of Ezekiel’s temple, he is even more invested in the temple known as Connie.

Every hair on my head, ever cell in my body is known to him, is cared for by him, and loved by him, too.

I understand that the temple is where God resides on this earth. It was a building in the Old Testament. It’s in the hearts of believers since the cross. 

So I loved reading about God entering the temple in chapter 43. Read it and picture yourself the moment you accepted Jesus as your Savior. God’s voice like the roar of rushing water. His radiant glory. He enters your heart and lifts you into the inner court. His glory fills you.

Now we don’t have to rely on a priest to enter the throne room on our behalf. We approach that throne on Jesus’ shoulders.

How awesome it is to know that the Holy God of Creation lives in me!

4 thoughts on “August 30

    1. cazehner Post author

      Nothing is hidden from his sight. I take great comfort in that truth. God bless you as you go about your day today and may others be drawn to him because of you.


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