June 23

2 Chronicles 24:17-27, 25:1-10; 2 Kings 2:17-18, 4:1-44, 13:4-11, 8:1-6, 12:19-21, 14:1-6

Amaziah wanted to do the right thing. He prepared the men of Judah for battle and even paid a hundred thousand Israeli soldiers to fight with them. It cost the king about 4 tons of silver, but with the extra troops Amaziah felt Judah was unstoppable.

But God sent word to Amaziah to send the Israelite soldiers home. The nation of Israel was still disobeying God and God could not go with them into battle. In fact, even if they fought courageously God would overthrow Judah for uniting with Israel.

Amaziah said – what about all my silver? And the man of God told him, “God can give you much more than that.”

Paul warns us not to be unequally yoked with unbelievers (2 Corinthians 6:14) for the same reason Amaziah was warned to separate himself from Israel’s army. It’s one thing to befriend an unsaved person with the intent of leading him to the Lord. It’s another to join forces with non-believers and find yourself compromising to do so.

Remember God can’t tolerate sin and if you hitch your wagon to a sinner God won’t bless you. And if you find yourself worried about what you’ve invested in the relationship, remember the words of the man of God in 2 Chronicles 25:9. 

The Lord can give you so much more than that.

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