May 22

I Kings 5:13-18, 9:15-16, 20-23, 6:1-38, 7:1-12; 2 Chronicles 2:2, 1718, 8:7-10, 3:1-17; Psalm 127

Did you read how elaborately Solomon built the Temple? So much gold! Such intricate details! Thousands of men worked together to make it fit for a king – The King! 

It was where God would dwell on earth. It must have been magnificent.

We don’t need that gold-covered stone and cedar building today. God lives in the hearts of believers here on earth. We are his temple.

But God is asking me if my heart is fit for the King. Solomon took great care in preparing that building to welcome God. He saw to every detail. 

Sometimes I think we believe all we have to do is ask Jesus to come into our hearts, then life goes on as usual. But I don’t see that here. Yes, Jesus is faithful to forgive us when we ask and he makes our hearts his home. And if that’s all you want out of your relationship with him I guess that’s between you and God.

Myself, I want his home to be magnificent. I want my life to welcome him. I don’t want a cheaply built temple. I’m sparing no expense. So I’ll continue to read his word and pray. I’ll continue to choose a life set apart. I’ll choose to praise him in all things. I’ll choose to recognize sin and flee. Not because any of that will earn me salvation. His grace did that. I want to live a life that honors him, that provides him with a beautiful place to call home here on earth.

When people looked at Solomon’s temple they must have been in awe. They must have said, “Wow, that’s where God lives”. I want them to say the same thing about me.

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