May 14

2 Samuel 20:1-26; I Chronicles 22:1-19, Psalms 140, 29, 30

It must have been hard for David to realize God meant what he said when he told David Solomon would be the one to build the temple. David accepted it. But he couldn’t just pretend it didn’t matter.

So King David, more than a little controlling I think, set out to get everything ready for Solomon. David collected the wood, the precious metals, he hired the artisans and the construction workers. He sat Solomon down and went over the plans. He even wrote the dedication ceremony, knowing he would be dead when Solomon was king and the temple built.

I doubt there was one detail overlooked by David. It was that important to him.

I think God would ask us today how important is it to us to prepare our children for what’s ahead. Are they learning from us to love God’s Word, to respect his temple, to attend to every detail in obedience? Do they see in us someone who loves God and honors him with our lives? 

Solomon saw in his dad a man who loved God and was excited about serving him. I pray our children see the same in us.

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