April 16

I Samuel 18-20

Jonathan and David were best friends. What a blessing it is to have that special person who really knows you and loves you anyway.

When I worked in the Middle School I would often deal with friendship issues. If you ask most adolescents who their best friend is they will probably give you a list of four or five of their classmates. As a person matures, the lists gets narrower. A large friend base is one thing. A best friend is another.

We are created to be relational. God did not create us to be self-sufficient or self-reliant. He intends for us to live with, work with, support and love one another.

The relationship between husband/wife, parent/child, coworkers, neighbors, church family, are precious and complicated. But do you have that one person in your life who holds you accountable? Not someone who always tells you how great you are – but one who asks the hard questions, who keeps you grounded? 

And are you that friend to them, too? Do you encourage each other in your walk with the Lord and demand holiness of each other? Do you pray for them and know they pray for you? 

I would encourage us all to nurture a godly best-friendship. David’s life was spared as a result of his friendship with Jonathan. It was that important.

Father, I pray for best-friends today. May we hold each other accountable, to encourage each other in our walk with you. May we be honest as well as loving. And may we honor you in our relationship with each other. Thank you for the privilege of being that best friend to someone dear.

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