April 14

I Chronicles 9:35-44, 5:7-10, 5:18-22, I Samuel 15:1-16:23

God told Saul to go to battle and not take any plunder. Nothing was to come back with the Jewish soldiers. But the livestock were healthy. Saul let his men bring back healthy sheep and goats.

When Samuel called him on it Saul said he thought he would use them for sacrifices.

Once again we see an example of someone trying to go to God on their terms and not God’s. God instructed Saul to destroy everything in that city. Saul thought he had a better idea.

Let’s beware of the temptation to rationalize sin or try to convince ourselves that a sin can be used for God’s glory. It just can’t happen.

Because of his disobedience, God took the kingdom away from Saul. Samuel left Saul and never saw him again after that. Was God serious about taking no plunder? What does Scripture tell us?

Father, it’s not always easy to obey you. Sometimes we are tempted to justify a sin and still think we can serve you. Help us to realize that you mean what you say and you tell us to be holy as you are holy. You tell us to flee sin and if we entertain sin in our lives we are disobeying. Help us also to realize that the consequences for disobedience are great. We want to be a people who love you and who serve you on your terms, not ours.

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