April 11

I Samuel 6:1-7:17, 8:1-9:27

The nation of Israel had it all. They had the God of Creation as their King. God chose them, to set them apart from all the other nations to bless them, to show himself to the world.

But Israel wanted to look like the other nations. Their neighbors had kings, why couldn’t they? Samuel warned them about the awful things that would happen as a result of having a flesh and blood king. They still wanted a king. And that made God sad.

Here’s where I think prayer gets complicated. God wants us to come to him with our desires. Prayer is an important part of the Christian walk. But if our desires are not in line with Scripture, with God’s desires, we need to be careful.

God won’t make us love him or worship him. If we choose to go the way of the world he will let us. But it’ll make him sad if we do.

We Christians have it all. The God of Creation wants to be our King. And as our King he will shower us with blessings beyond what we can ask or think.

My question is… how important is it that I look like non-believers? Do I need to look like the world to feel accepted? If I do, am I prepared to accept the consequences?

Holy God, I bow before you this morning as my King. May I recognize the privilege I have of serving you, being blessed by you, and representing you to the world. Guard my thoughts and the temptation to want to “fit in” with those who are lost. I want no other King.

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