March 2

Numbers 8-10

I was a band director for fourteen years. I have such great memories of those days and the young people who learned to make music out of various instruments. In one school district where I taught I was able to take a group of sixth graders on a field trip to Indiana to tour a factory where trumpets and saxophones were made. We watched the machines bend sheets of metal and form shiny, new instruments that would one day produce beautiful music.

The Israelites had no machines and yet the Bible says they made trumpets of hammered silver. I know they didn’t look like our modern-day trumpets but I guess I always pictured them blowing into rams’ horns instead of silver instruments.

Once again I am amazed at what these people accomplished in the desert.

The silver trumpets were used as signals to the Israelites. One trumpet sounding meant the heads of the clans were called to meet. Two trumpets sounding meant the whole community was called to assemble. They blew trumpet signals during battle and at times of rejoicing. There were trumpet blasts that signaled it was time to move on. The people listened for the sound of the trumpet to know what they were to do.

God is asking me today what my trumpets are. What do I listen to to tell me what to do? Is it a family member or a friend? Is it a church leader or a rock star? Do I read People Magazine to decide how to dress or get relationship advice from Real Housewives?

We all have influences. I think God is reminding us to listen for Him over all the other voices that call us. I think He is telling us to turn a deaf ear to anything else. That’s why I think it’s important to spend time in His word and I am so honored that you have decided to do that with me this year.

Let’s guard our hearts and minds and spend enough time with God to be able to recognize His voice amid the other things in this life that are calling us. If we listen, He will make His way known. And I have an idea he’s a pretty good trumpet player.

Father, thank you for your Word that speaks to us every time we read it. Thank you for wanting to guide and direct us and forgive us when we allow ourselves to be caught up in listening to other influences. May we recognize Your voice and may we be quick to obey.

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