January 10

Job 19-21

My mom was ready to die. We are one month short of seventeen years since her battle with cancer ended. There are things about that day that are still so fresh in my memory. Other details have naturally faded.

I will admit that to this day I harbor ill feelings toward Mom’s pastor. He didn’t visit her, although my sister asked him repeatedly if he would take communion to Mom. His wife brought soup a couple of times and I imagine that eased any guilt he might have felt.

Then at her funeral, he mentioned what a good mother Mom was. But he never once said anything to my Dad. Never once offered comfort to this dear man who was totally lost without her. The pastor gave a flowery, impersonal sermon based on Job 19:25. Although he had been the pastor of our church for ten years, he could have given the same sermon for a stranger. God forgive me, my anger toward this man is still strong. I am convicted as I read God’s Word today.

The truth is Mom did know her Redeemer lives. She knew without a doubt that she was ready to stand before Him. She looked forward to her eternal home. This verse will always remind me of my Mom.

Lord, may I have the same hope in my living Redeemer. Thank you that You are alive and present in my life. Thank you for the promise of heaven and the assurance that You will welcome me there one day. And help me to forgive as You forgive… as Mom would want me to forgive.

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